Not today

I usually take the weekends and work on my stories but today I was just tired, due to my six year old waking me up at 7am on a Saturday.

I have a piece of a story stuck in my head about Emily and Jamal White. They are the characters from my story New Life on Watt Pad.

Emily is a witch who married a mortal man, yeah I know it sounds like bewitched but here’s where it get a little different

I came up with this idea from a writing prompt. Emily and her family were the inspiration(imagined of course) for the Charmed tv show. I was bored so I just went with the idea that it had to be based on something. Some what along the lines of Men in Black.

In the world of my stories magic exists to a point. The world in my stories knows about magical creatures and supernatural beings. They even have a town newspaper.

No one knows what the real world reaction would be to a witch with real magic, or a fairy or a mermaid. Could you believe your eyes if you were walking on the beach early one morning and came across a mermaid sitting on a jetty, relaxing in the sun?

what would you do? would you run, would you yell out an expletive, or stay and talk to her or him for that matter.

My story ideas sometimes come from the reaction to a situation like that.Sometimes my idea will come from a song lyric or a picture. Lately I have found other sources of inspiration but not today.


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