woo hoo!

I am actually feeling a little more confident with this class. My story is a whole different thing. I don’t want this to sound like The Lovely Bones. It is starting to turn into Drop Dead Diva, which I did not want. I think maybe I’ll keep the beautiful lady that my character Natalie keeps seeing, maybe I could have her be a guide or something.

The hardest part for me to write was where she realizes she’s dead. That is something that I don’t know anything about, this is where imagination would come into play.  As far as this picture is concerned, I thought she was a mermaid, but looking at her tail, she is what you would call a naga. this is usually a snake with the head of a man or woman, but i guess if there are different types of mermaids then there’s got to be different types of Naga.

Writing for me sometimes helps me destress. It allows me to take my mind off of my worries and just indulge in someone or something else’s life. It’s my way of saying “Woo Hoo!”


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