ok huh?

I am completely stumped about adding blogs to my Scififan761 page. I thought it was working before but now that I have had the chance to look at it, nope, didn’t work.

On to another subject, Last night’s season finale of Grimm. It was Epic. All the things I hoped would happen did, surprisingly so. I am upset about Renard so willingly choosing Black Claw over his friendship with the Grimm, Detective Nick Berghart. Now the thing about this situation that i hated the most was the death of Meisner. He was prime in rescuing Diana from the king. He was supposed to be keeping her safe in Hadrian’s Wall but apparently there was and is a leak.

Another fan favorite, Eve, was injured and dying. So nick took the magical artifact he and Monroe found in the Black Forest and touched it to Eve’s stab wound. the wound started to heal but something else happened. It cured Eve, but turned her back into her former self.

This is going to change the show completely. Nick is in love with Adylan, a former enemy and the mother of his son, Kelly. Adylan is also a Hexenbeist with a child that possess a-freaken-mazing powers. Powers thought to be too strong for a child of her age. Little Diana actually saves the day. She controlled her father, who was going to let Bonaparte, leader of the Black Claw, kill Nick. She used her power to make her father stab him(Bonaparte ) through the heart ending him.

i was blown away by this evil man anyway because of what he was. Male Zauberbiests aren’t supposed to be that powerful. maybe he was so strong because unlike our dear captain he was a full blooded zauberbeist not a halfling.

I have been watching Grimm since the first season and I must say I love it. it looks like there will be another love triangle. Eve is now gone and so is her power, so how will Adylan react to Nick’s former love being back without her powers? will nick forgive Juliette for the things she did when she was becoming a powerful hexenbiest?

And how can they help Wu who was turned into a werewolf, which is actually a type of Blutbod with a virus. All of these will have to be addressed next season…Once you get into Grimm, its hard not to watch it…


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