New stuff

Well I decided to get a kitten. He’s so cute! His name is Shades. I kind of want to change it. He looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo, gloves and spats. But on his back he has tabby stripes. I’m trying to get him out of biting our fingers and ankles.

It is taking some work but I’m confident it will work. I’m finally back in school. I’m doing pretty well in school. And then I was moved from my department. I’m now working in markdowns. I hate it. People ask me questions and I don’t know the answer.

I’ve been hearing that a manager complained about my old department having too many people who just walk around. Where and who? Me? I work. So I asked the store manager and was told it was for the fall budget. That I didn’t do anything wrong.
I took the job in shipping and receiving because I didn’t want to work with the public. My background is in customer service, but it’s been years since I have done that. I went from having a small promotion to feeling like I am expendable. I would love to stay but I have been there long enough.
I do not want to be here anymore but I can’t quit until I have a new job in place.
  I’ve been applying.for jobs using Ziprecruiter but only one contacted me. It’s in Wall so that’s a problem for me myonly transportation is the bus or a cab. I’m trying to fix my situation with a car and a better job but I don’t know how. I thought about blogging, but how can I get paid to do it. I saw something on Instagram about it but until my phone is back on I’m stuck. Short of  begging, going back on tanf(which I will probably be denied for) or hustling( which I suck at, ) I’m hit.

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